Campus Cuties: Tyler Bartholomew and Jimmy Wyatt

I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the funniest people I know, Tyler Bartholomew and Jimmy Wyatt, after an event we had for Hawk Hosts! Why did I choose Tyler and Jimmy you ask? Well, Tyler is a World Record Holder (not kidding) and Jimmy will be famous comedian someday(This will be my evidence that I know him). Let’s learn the basics first.


Hometown and Major?

T: Quakertown, PA. I’m an Accounting major with minors in Justice and Ethics in the Law and Philosophy. Yeah, I’m a philosopher now.

J: Mantua, NJ. I’m an English major with a minor in Political Science.


What are involved in on campus?

T: I’m a tour captain for Hawk Hosts (s/o to #bestboss Kelsey), Office Hawk, Ultimate Frisbee, and I’m in the Latino Student Association because they gave me free water ice. (Tyler is not Latino)

J: Well, I’m also a Hawk Host (s/o to #bestboss Kelsey), Office Hawk, Improv team (s/o improv!), Followed By a Bear, and I’m the unofficial mascot for the ultimate Frisbee team.


Single or taken?

T: Single and ready to mingle. (Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @danjameswickens)

J: I’m taken, but follow me on twitter @MrJimmyWyatt!


Okay, now to some fun questions.


McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A?

T: Chick-fil-A. I like their milkshakes.

J: Same, Chick-fil-A... but I love the gays!


What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own?

T: My socks. My sock game is strong.

J: My Buzz Lightyear shirt.


What’s the most interesting thing in your room?

T: A cowboy hat. I got it at a Luke Bryan concert... It’s a long story.

J: A horse painting. I spent way too much money on it at Target. Its name is “Horses on the Beach.”


You know how famous people create different names, like Lady Gaga, what would yours be?

T: Hmm, Cucumber Sunshine.

J: Jimmy Squiggles.


What’s your go-to DB order:

T: $6 sherman swiss deal, burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms, french fries, and a Dasani with lemon. I function on one meal a day.

J: If not the standard hawk wrap, for a lighter snack I’ll go with curly fries and a side of hawk sauce.

L to R: Tyler, Sofia Fallas, and Jimmy delivering Red Envelopes to the Class of 2020!


On a more serious note, what would you like to do after graduation?

J: I would like not to live in a box.

T: I want to go to law school, which is fun. Jimmy laughs at Tyler. Dude I’m smart and no one believes me! I want to work in non-profits. I’d rather have money go to a good organization than a bureaucrat’s pockets.

J: Tyler, why are you in a suit?

T: I do it for the moms. (omg)

J: Well, ideally I’d be a writer for SNL, but I’ll settle for a different type of fame, like movies. Jimmy to Tyler: Dude you’re not funny. Tyler flips a chair.

T: I would love to be on SNL. I think I’m really funny, but no one else does so that’s my problem. I just want to have a stable job, comfy life, decently attractive wife, (there are no tens until your wife), and attractive and successful kids that don’t rely on technology because that makes me mad. I want my kids to be able to do whatever they want.

J: All I want to do is make people happy. I think being able to give people a laugh and a break is awesome. No matter what my outlet, SNL or twitter, I want to make people happy.


Any strange goals:

T: I want to eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, have a swimming pool of jello (even though I’d probably suffocate), and be married for fifty years (aw!). I also really want two cats named Gluteus and Maximus, and I wouldn’t mind boxing a kangaroo.

J: I want to be interviewed by the news, have a corgi with a cute name (Gilbert, Gillie for short), and I want to name my son after my dad (adorable). I also want to sneak a burrito into the movies, and I’d love to give a TED talk.

If you see these two jokesters around be sure to say hi! They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!