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Campus Cutie Roommates: Evan Addis & Benjamin Glaudemans

Meet these sophomore roommates, Evan and Ben! Campus cuties of the week! I had the great pleasure of chatting over coffee to ask them more about themselves and their bromance. Despite them not liking Starbucks coffee, we spent a good amount of time talking- well them telling me about one another.  

Name: Ben Glaudemans 

Year and Major: Sophomore, Finance and Risk Management 

Hometown: Howard County, Maryland 

Activities on Campus: Finance Department, Rushing DSP, APEX, and a member of the Emerging Leaders RLC (Freshman Year)

Name: Evan Addis 

Year and Major: Sophomore, Food Marketing 

Hometown: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

Activities on Campus: APEX, Club Soccer, PSIP, and a memeber of the Emerging Leaders RLC (Freshman Year)

HC: “How’d you guys meet?”

Both: “In 8th grade we went to summer camp/retreat and we were cabin mates. Then when we saw we were both going to St. Joe’s, we FB messaged each other.” 

HC: “Nationalities?”

Ben: “Guess…” “Dutch, little Irish.”

Evan: “Welsh.” 

HC: “Guilty pleasure songs?”

B: “Obsessed by Mariah Carey.”

E: “You’re Beautiful.”

Both: “STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN.” (they love him)

HC: “Things you like to do together?”

Both: “We play table tennis, chess, Mario Kart, and soccer…A LOT of soccer.”  

 Evan playing soccer

HC: “Go-to meal?”

“Rice and meat (beef).” *answer simaltaneously*

E: “I’m a carnivore.” 

B: “I could be a vegetarian, but I just love meat.” 

HC: “Craziest roommate story?”

“When we went to Maine together. We sailed, kayaked, hiked. Great memories.”  (pictured below)

HC: “Fav spot in the lib?” 

Both: “Second floor old side” 

HC: “Fav spot on campus?”

Both: “St. Mary’s Lawn” 

(After I asked a few questions, I just let them go on.  They ended up telling me some interesting and funny facts about eachother)  

E: “Ben’s the tech wiz.” 

E: “We live in Lancaster, Hastings and we’ve been roommates since last year and are going to be living together again next year.” 

E: “We’re both avid dog lovers. Would say our personalities relate to dogs.” 

B: “I have a black lab at home.” (pictured below) 

B: “We hope to go abroad.” 

B: “I want to go to Italy.” 

E: “Coppenhagen.” 

HC: “Things you fight about?”

E: “Ben leaves the faucet running while brushing his teeth.”

B: “Evan leaves clothes on every piece of furniture.” 

HC: “What do you appreciate most about each other?”

B: “Evan has great taste in FB videos.” 

E: Ben is great person to talk to, he’s a good listener.” 

Evan and Ben riding their bikes. Catch ’em ridin’ dirty around campus! 



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