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Meet this week’s campus cutie, junior Patrick Vasas! I had the pleasure of interviewing Pat this week and learning more about his busy life at SJU.




Name: Patrick Vasas

Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Major: Accounting

Year: Junior


HC: What are you involved in on campus?

PV: Hawk Host (e-board), Office Hawk, Club Basketball, Radio 1851, APEX, Accounting Society


HC: Favorite spot on campus?

PV: Barbelin Courtyard


HC: Most embarrassing moment?

PV: My first ever tour as a Hawk Host, I walked into one of the pillars in DB and almost knocked myself out.


HC: three words to describe yourself?

PV: Hardworking, determined, loyal



HC: Favorite SJU memory?

PV: Making club basketball and becoming a hawk host freshman year. They were goals I wanted to do and two organizations I wanted to be apart of on campus.


HC: favorite TV show / song / movie at the moment?

PV: Currently binge watching The Wire


HC: celebrity crush?

PV: Emma Stone


HC: what are your plans for spring break?

PV: APEX! I am going Wilkes borough, North Carolina.


HC: advice you would give to your freshman self?

PV: Don’t be afraid to be outgoing, jump into something, get involved.




You’ve probably seen this cutie giving a tour around campus or playing basketball in the gym, so next time you seen him, be sure to say hi!







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