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Campus Cutie: Meg Scavilla

Meet this week’s campus cutie…Meg Scavilla. She is one of the founding members of the newest sorority on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma, as well as a positive and passionate member on SJU’s campus. Get to know our latest cutie that is very enthusiastic about being chosen!


Name: Meg Scavilla

Hometown: Catonsville, MD

Major/Year: Food Marketing Co-Op, 2016

Siblings: Two brothers

Any pets: Nope!

Extracurriculars: Phi Sigma Sigma, Food Marketing Association, Weekly Service, Hand in Hand

Favorite thing about Phi Sigma Sigma: I love how diverse the group of girls is and how everyone has something unique to contribute to our organization!


Favorite Class at SJU: Food Chemistry

Favorite Place to Study: Food Marketing Section of the Library

Favorite thing to do on weekends: Go into Philly for lunch and shopping

One thing no one knows about you: Pictures that I took for my photography class while abroad are hanging in a bakery in Florence! (Very cool, right!?)

Favorite TV Show: Nashville

Favorite Social Media Site: Twitter

Celeb (Girl) Crush: Giuliana Rancic

Favorite Store: Target

Something on your bucket list: Run a marathon

Favorite Food: Chips and queso

Catch our latest cutie around campus!



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