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Campus Celebrities: Sean Lenahan and Shannon Keller

Meet this week’s SJU Campus Celebs: Sean Lenahan and Shannon Keller. I had the absolute pleasure of spending my spring break on APEX with them and 30 other SJU students and 2 adult facilitators. I can say from first hand experience that I have never met two people who are so different, yet collaborate incredibly together. During the months prior to the trip, Shannon may or may not have confessed her desire to be Sean’s partner on APEX this year, and look where we are now! Take some time over your Easter break to read up on two of SJU’s best leaders around.


HC: Where are you from?


SK: Kensington, MD right outside D.C.


SL: Bridgewater, NJ


HC: What are you studying at SJU?


SK: Marketing major, minor in English


 *Sean chimes in, “Shannon you have ketchup on your face…”

 “Thank you but I’m saving it for later!”* 


SL: Finance and Economics double major


HC: What is your favorite thing about SJU?


SK: For me it’s the people and community aspect. Also, the level of involvement among students is awesome.


SL: RT, no but actually pretty much the same thing. The people. I also love going to the basketball games.


HC: How did you decide to go on APEX for the first time?


SK: I heard about the trip through a family friend who went to SJU, and she always raved about it.  APEX is for sure something that I knew I wanted to do since I was a freshman, leading the trip I mean. The whole leadership experience in general taught me a lot and I couldn’t imagine (G word) from SJU without having this experience to take with me after college.


SL: Honestly, my RA in Villiger (shoutout Brandon Talisesky) kinda just told me about it and said that I should just go and try it. After the first trip I knew that this was the perfect opportunity at SJU for me to get involved in some type of service.


*While I was typing this both of them randomly started to talk about fries.*

HC: What is your favorite memory from Jonesville?


SK: All our adventures at the Mexican restaurant … especially the child sized quesadilla. But mostly, our work sites! The families we were working with were wonderful.


SL: Driving to Kentucky to buy milkshakes. Everyone came together as one then we shared highs and lows of the day. Also being on the site in general was always fun.


HC: Starbucks or Dunkin’?


SK: Starbucks, because it’s better quality and is right on campus.


SL: Dunkin’ because it has better food and is cheaper #sausageeggandcheese


HC: Describe each other!


SK: Biggest-weirdo-greatest-human


SL: Second biggest weirdo and bundle of energy


HC: What is your favorite song from the JONESVILLE VAN JAMS playlist?


SK: Work from Home is my obvious choice, and Stacy’s Mom because it brings everyone together. Oh! And IN DA CLUB.


SL: Semi Charmed Life and Mr. Brightside. They were both constantly playing on the trip.


HC: Give me an estimate of much you slept on the trip each night?


SK: On average 4 hours, but on the last night I slept an hour and a half.


SL: Same and I was driving in the morning so that was an experience to say the least.


HC: What would you say to an SJU student who is thinking about going on APEX next year?


SK: I would say that it is one of those experiences that is very important to have before you graduate because it combines all of the important aspects of service. APEX is such a beautiful thing and until you experience it for yourself you will never truly understand. It is something that I have a hard time verbalizing. (Shannon starts to choke up)


SL: Every experience is so unique on APEX and there is nothing that really compares to it. Although difficult to put into words, it is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do and I know that I’m going to miss it next year.


HC: What is your favorite snack?


SK: BOOMCHICKAPOP Popcorn (Original sea salt kind. The yellow bag only!!!) or chocolate covered pomegranates or chocolate chip cookies or a brownie sundae or anything else


SL: Chips and guac and Brendan Shields’ sunflower seeds


HC: Any plans for after graduation?


SL: I’m working for JP Morgan in Delaware.


SK: I’m working in HR for Target at a TBD location.


HC: What is something that you know about each other that others wouldn’t know?


SK: Sean is a wonderful musician! (especially guitar)


SL: Shannon can throw a tight spiral and talk in a perfect Donald Duck voice.



Having this family date with my leaders in DB was certainly the highlight of my week. Sean and Shannon are two of the funniest people that I have met, but in their own unique ways. I know that I speak on behalf of our whole group when I say that we love you so much Mom and Dad! I hope that you enjoyed hearing a little about our Jonesville experience and we look forward to seeing you at APEX sign-ups next fall!







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