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Campus Celeb: Olivia Cicalese

Meet this week's campus celeb, Villiger's favorite RA, Olivia Cicalese! I had the pleasure to chat with 
Olivia to reminisce on some of this year’s highlights and what's to come for her next year. She is by far 
the sweetest and most helpful person I've met this year! 
HC: Year?
OC: Sophomore
HC: Major?
OC: Psychology
HC: Hometown?
OC: Ridley, PA
HC: Hobbies?
OC: Theater, "beach going", knitting, reading, and painting/coloring.
HC: Involvement here at SJU?
OC: Right now I'm an RA, and next year I'll be a Head RA. I’m also in AGD, a research assistant for a 
psych lab, APEX, and Collegiate Challenge!
HC: Favorite character on your favorite show?
OC: Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls
HC: Best memory at SJU this year?
OC: Rushing for AGD and receiving a bid was really fun!
HC: What are you looking forward to this summer? Next year?
OC: This summer I'm doing an internship so working and going to the beach will be the best. Next 
year I'm looking forward to being a Head RA.
HC: Sweet or Salty?
OC: Sweet, I have the biggest sweet tooth!
HC: Favorite thing about being an RA?
OC: Overall being with freshmen and watching them start out scared to growing and establishing 
themselves is what makes being an RA really fulfilling. 
HC: Favorite Take-out/ Fast Food?
OC: Panera Bread
HC: Something people don't know about you?
OC: I'm kind of an open book, but most people don't know I can sing!
If you see Olivia around campus be sure to say hi! She's super sweet and her smile will be sure 
to brighten your day! :)
Maggie ​​​​
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