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Campus Celeb: Katie McMahon

Meet this week’s Campus Celeb, Katie McMahon! I got to sit down and interview this stunning well-known face! 

Year: Senior

Major: Communications and Marketing

Campus involvement: Phi Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic Council, and I work at Hawk Central! 

Greek life involvement: Captain for Greek Week, go gray squad!

Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Hobbies: Painting, baking, and MRT

Name two things on your bucket list: Go skydiving and get a tattoo- that’s gonna be broken next week.

Best memory at SJU: Getting Amanda Fellowes as my little Junior year!

Early bird or night owl: Night owl

Dunkin or Starbucks: The answer is Starbucks (despite the Dunkin cup in the first pic)! 

Chipotle or Qdoba: Qdoba, one hunnit! 

Best senior year memory: Going to Cancun for Spring Break with my best friends! One last hoorah!

Favorite Food: Oh god, don’t make me choose. I love food so much. Definitely, Panera mac and cheese. I could eat that for the rest of my life and be okay.

Fav spot around campus: Tables at free period.

What’s your current pump up jam: Too Good by Drake and Rihanna

Where can you be found on campus: On the new side on the library OR picking up Grace Sanford at Lannon Hall because I’m her chauffeur.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you: I’m pretty out there, so there’s not much people don’t know about me!

Be sure to say hi to this cute gal in DB or around Club Lib before the year ends!

Good luck on finals! 



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