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Campus Celeb: Charlie Brown

Meet the Saint Joseph’s Hawks star player of the 2016-2017 season, Charlie Brown. This freshman has blown our hearts away with his basketball skills since stepping onto our court, but his smiling face is also a gift to our campus. Get ready to hear the insider scoop.

HC: What’s your full name?


CB: Charlie Keenan Brown III


HC: Date of Birth/Age/Sign/Year at SJU


CB: February 2 1997, so I am 20 years old, an Aquarius, and I’m a freshman


HC: Where did you grow up?


CB: West Philadelphia, but now I live in Northeast Philadelphia


HC: Where did you go to high school?


CB: George Washington High School


HC: What’s your major?


CB: Early Childhood and Special Education. In high school my basketball coach gave me a special education gym class to teach and I fell in love with it. They were first graders and since I like them little and cute, it was perfect. Now at Saint Joe’s I do field for my education class with a first grade class at Gompers.



HC: Why SJU?


CB: Good question. SJU was the only school near my family and I am a big family person. Basketball was important to me, but my family comes first. SJU allowed me to have both. They come to my games all of the time to support our team.


HC: Do you have siblings?


CB: My sister is 29 and my brothers are 27 and 11


HC: Did you always know that you wanted to play D-1 basketball in college?


CB: I started playing when I was 4 and yes, I always knew. My freshman and sophomore year of high school I didn’t play and was very discouraged. After having a long talk with my Dad, he convinced me to keep pushing myself to reach my full potential as a player.


HC: What are you involved in on campus besides for basketball?


CB: I love basketball and it’s the biggest commitment I have ever made. I don’t have time for anything else right now with academics, field placement, and my sport, but I really want to be an orientation leader at some point.


HC: What is your biggest personal accomplishment at SJU?


CB: Bringing my Grandfather to a basketball game. My Dad wanted to come here, but he couldn’t so I got them both tickets to my first game this year.




HC: Single or taken?


CB: Single!


HC: What do you like to do for fun?

CB: Skateboarding, playing piano, Frisbee.


HC: Favorite cheesesteak?

CB: Ohhhh I can’t decide!!


HC: Hawk Wrap Order?


CB: Spicy chicken, buffalo sauce, caesar sauce, and lettuce


HC: Number one place you can be found on campus?


CB: Hagan, but I’m always around in Campion.


HC: Favorite experience at SJU so far?


CB: BLD, I had a lot of fun there.


HC: Finally the truth about how tall you are and your shoe size?


CB: 6’7” and I wear size 14.


HC: What is your favorite store to shop at?




HC: I’ve noticed that you wear Lokai bracelets. I love them!


CB: I love Lokais! Seriously make my outfits every day.


HC: What is the top item on your bucket list?


CB: I want to go skydiving 

As you can see, Charlie Brown is a wonderful addition to our SJU community. From living in McShain, making memories in Hagan, to sharing meals in Campion with his friends, he can always be found around our campus.


Before I concluded the interview, I had to ask him his thoughts about the Charlie Brown character references during games, from the jingle after he makes foul shots to the children wearing their yellow shirts with a black jagged stripe.


“I love it when the children wear the shirts and play the song. It’s great to know that I am being supported during a game where my focus is all on the court,” Brown said.


There you have it SJU! Make sure that you say hello to Charlie next time that you see him on campus. I can assure you that you will be greeted with a smile and maybe even a new friend like I have found in him.






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