Back to 90s Basics: Barrettes


In case you missed it, barrettes are back!! This new style trend has really grown in popularity this past summer, and our hair is thanking us for making it look so stylish! What was once a 90s staple, have made a reappearance, and barrettes are here to stay.  Celebs have been showing off their new accessories while out and about, like Kendall Jenner. Others, like Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian, have tweeted selfies flaunting some hair bling.

But don’t worry, barrettes are not just for the people with millions of Instagram followers!  The trend has found its way right into the style collections of SJU students. St. Joe’s sophomore Caleigh Hartwell has found a way to incorporate barrettes into her fashion aesthetic.


About this look, Caleigh says, “I was helping a friend model clothes that she made herself.  The barrettes were the finishing touch. No matter how they’re styled, they can add spice to any look!”


Now, go out and buy some barrettes!