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7 Signs You’re Ready for Fall

Cooler weather has kicked in! Whether you’re still getting over those summer blues or already planning your fall outfits, it’s finally October and we’ve got all the signs you’ll be showing all over campus!


  1. You’ve already ditched flip flops for your cute booties you waited a whole year to wear!

    2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a must in your daily schedule (especially when dealing with midterms)!

  1. You can’t decide which autumn nail polish color is best!
  2. You already planned on going to the pumpkin patch!
  3. Halloween costume ideas are in the works! 
  4. You busted out your blanket scarves!
  5. You can’t decide which fall scented candle you want… so of course you go will all of them!

Any of these apply to you? Then you’re ready for the beautiful fall season!



Melissa is a senior studying Elementary Education. 
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