6 Things You’re Guaranteed To Need During Finals

It’s officially almost that time of year...finals season!  With so much going on it’s easy to forget some essential items on your way to the library.  So to make everyone’s life easier here are some of the things you need to make the roughest week of the semester a little less rough.

1. Laptop/Notes/Textbook

These are pretty must givens but once the stress starts settling in it can be super easy to forget one of these!

2. Pens/Highlighters/Post It’s

Again, these are pretty much a given but sometimes if you have your laptop you don’t think to grab a pen. However, when writing papers on your laptop using highlighters or post it’s on your notes can be a huge game changer!

3. Chargers and Headphones

The worst feeling is your laptop dying when you’re in the middle of typing a paper.  So to avoid this always make sure you have your phone and laptop charger, especially for those late night study sessions!  If you’re someone who studies best when listening to music then headphones are a must have!

4. Gum

Besides making you breath smell great, gum also helps you stay awake.  When you're studying for those boring theology classes having gum on hand will make a huge difference in how well you stay focused!

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during finals week is going to be one of the few things that keeps your body going.  Water is going to help your body feel ready to take on anything, which is super important when your brain feels like it needs a ten hour nap! Having to spend money on a water bottle on the library is totally not worth it, they’re overpriced and not even cold!

6. Snacks

This might be one of the most important items on this list (besides #1 & #2 of course!).  There’s no better procrastinator than eating! However, to avoid some of the procrastination bringing a snack with you will save you time (and money) so you can finishing studying strong.  I always like to bring a healthy snack (like nuts or fruit) and a not so healthy snack (like chocolate or candy). The healthy snack will give you the nutrients you need to keep going while the unhealthy snack will be a treat for working so hard!  

7. Extra sweatshirt

If you're anything like me this is a serious necessity.  I am always cold- no matter how many layers I have, I’m always freezing and if you’re chilly it become much harder to focus.  There have been multiple times where I text my friends or roommates asking to bring me another sweatshirt when they come to the lib. So to avoid all of the texting, just throw an extra one in your bag before you leave your room, it's worth it!!

Happy Studying!