6 Things at SJU I Missed Over the Summer

Welcome back fellow Hawks! If you’re like me you counted the days until it the first day of classes since your last final. Here are 6 things I missed over the summer:

  1. Club Lib

Swiping into the library for the first time this semester was actually really exciting. Sure, the work that has to be done isn’t the best, but being in the same place as a lot of your friends is awesome.

2. DB

What can I say; it was a great moment to satisfy my summer cravings of chicken fingers and curly fries. Also, shout out to the Hawk Wrap lovers. I’m sure your first taste of hawk sauce was to die for.

3. Sabrina’s

Who doesn’t love a good brunch and an even better insta?!

4. Barbelin Instas

Speaking of Instagram, it is the best feeling to have half of your feed be pics of Barb. It's just so beautiful.

5. Learning

I personally love going to classes and actually learning something I’m passionate about. 

6. The Magis

The number one reason I love SJU is the community and the way we embody the magis. Yes, it is sometimes awkward to run to the door because someone is holding it open for you, but these little gestures are the best.

Have a great fall semester!