6 Career Fair Tips to Help You Succeed

What: SJU Fall Career Fair

Where: Athletics Center in Hagan Arena

When: Thursday, September 14th, 10AM - 1PM

The Fall Career Fair is coming up and its time to start preparing! This is the place where underclassmen can network for internships, and seniors can meet their potential future employers and land a fulltime job, but don’t let that scare you. If you come prepared for the Career Fair, you’ll be sure to kill it!

Here are six tips for nailing the Career Fair:

Revamp your resume

On Monday, September 11th the Career Development Center will be an all-day resume review from 9am to 6pm. Stop by for a one-on-one resume consultation. If you don’t have a resume yet, now is the time to make one! Here are some great articles from The Muse, an online career resource, to get you started on making a new resume or revamping your current one:       

41 Best Resume Templates

43 Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Invest in Business Professional Clothing

While your Forever 21 blazer may be the most affordable option, consider investing in business clothing that will last you throughout college and beyond. (Most) Employers aren’t looking for style, they’re looking for professionalism. Banana Republic  is a great place to find quality business-appropriate clothes. There’s a location close to campus at Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA. You can drive or even take the train if you don’t have a car on campus.


Prepare your “elevator speech”

You’ll only have a few minutes to talk to companies, especially if they’re one of the more sought-out employers, so prepare a brief elevator speech to introduce yourself and get your point across quickly. Here’s a great article from The Balance to help you come up with a kick-butt introduction:

Elevator Speech Examples and Tips

Create a game plan

There will be tons of companies there, and not all will be relevant to your field of study or even interesting to you. Check the SJU Careers website the week of the fair to browse the list of employers and plan which ones you want to talk to. Don’t forget to research the companies beforehand, so you know what they’re all about and you can impress them with your knowledge


Don’t start with your dream company

Start by visiting the tables of employers you’re less interested in so you can practice your career-pitch, get your bearings, and calm your nerves before walking up to the companies you’re most interested in.


Follow up on LinkedIn

Remember the names of the recruiters you talk to, and follow up with them on LinkedIn. Send them a message thanking them for talking with you and requesting to connect. You already made the initial connection at the Career Fair, make sure to keep it intact.


Good luck, Hawks, we know you'll kill it!!