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5 Ways to Stay Focused as the Weather Warms Up

Spring break is such a tease for summer, so I totally get that it can be super hard to get back into the swing of things and stay focused and productive for the remainder of the semester. With the end getting closer and closer, the weather seems to just get nicer and nicer. It almost seems irrational to want to still be studying? With the end of the year so close, how do you survive? Here are some tips to get the most productivity out of the last few weeks!

  1. Get Excited!

It’s not too early to start up a countdown til the end of classes! Share it with roommates, suitemates or floormates to get them in on the hype!

  1. Plan!

It’s so hard to wake up and check the weather to see that it’s in the high 70’s or 80’s! It’ll make you want to throw out your books and just lay outside all day! NO. Plan out your day because this is one of the busiest times of the year. The better planned you are, the more you time you will have to enjoy the nice weather!

  1. Take a Break!

Grab all your friends and head to 54th for a Starbucks date! It’s finally time to enjoy your iced drink of choice without being judged! Sbux is PERFECT for getting some more studying in or taking a quick break.

Photo by Clark Deals

  1. Make Use of the Weather!

Take a break from studying while it’s still cold and go shopping or (online shopping because it’s quicker). Buy yourself a colorful towel or blanket to study on in the middle of campus in between your classes!

  1. Stay Motivated!

Try and stay as motivated as possible. Finals are quickly approaching and that’s the only thing standing between you and summer. In just a short amount of time, you’ll have no worries besides trying to decide how you will spend each warm day. Stay strong, you got this! Here comes SUMMER 2018!


Ella Neumann

Cover Photo by Scarf & Beyond

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