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The 5 Types of People in Every Group Project

With only one full week of classes left, the spring semester on Hawk Hill is coming to a close. This also means the dreaded group project that you have spent all month working on is due. Group projects can be fun if you have the right members. There are also many instances when group projects turn out to be your biggest nightmare. Here are 5 types of people you will see in almost every group project.


The Control Freak

“I’ll do it.”

This person lives to dominate group projects. Usually the self-proclaimed leader from the very beginning, this person knows everything about anything. This group member is both organized and bossy, setting up your group message and delegating all work. They are determined to get that A+ and do not care if they end up doing all of the work alone.



The Busy Bee

“I just haven’t had time but I’ll look at it tomorrow!”

This person always has some other club or organization to get to. They play a sport, are in 5 clubs, and are never available when you want to meet. They rarely show up to meetings, but when they do, they are late or have to leave early. The rest of the group is always having to pick up their slack, but don’t worry, they are super sorry and promise to do it tomorrow.



The Cheerleader

“LMK what I can do, but not really”

This person comes across as supportive and helpful but really wants to do the least amount of work possible. They take on the minor tasks, like checking up on group member progress, reserving the meeting room, or bringing the snacks. Their enthusiasm and willingness to do the little things allows them to slide by without anyone realizing they aren’t doing a thing.


The Underdog

“Yeah sure!”

This person is a true team player. They are always willing to put in the extra work without praise or recognition. They may be on the quieter side at meetings, but they will always come through to make sure the project gets finished.



The Slacker

“Oh sorry, I forgot.”

This person has the whole package: procrastination, no motivation, and a poor work ethic. Although they are probably not stupid, they offer no help to the group or project. They do not care that the 15 page paper is worth 35% of your grade and instead profit from the other member’s hard work. This person can usually be found sleeping in class, aimlessly wandering campus listening to music, and MIA from your project meetings.




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