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5 Things You Need in Your Freshman Dorm

Whether it’s Villiger, LaFarge, Sourin, or McShain, dorm life can be a tough adjustment freshman year. In order to make that tiny room feel like home, there’s a few things you may have missed on move-in day that are the key! 


Five upperclassmen reveal their must-have dorm room essentials they wish they knew sooner! 


  1. Lap Desk

“A Lap Desk was by far one of the best things I’ve bought in college! Perfect for doing homework in bed, watching netflix  on my laptop, and the cup holder makes it perfect for drinks and snacks!” – Katie, ‘18


Where you can buy it:



  1. Clip-on Fan

“This was a game changer! I got a little clip fan for my bed and kept it on basically all year round especially when the heater was too hot but too cold to not have on” – Paige, ‘20


Where you can buy it: 



  1. Body Pillow

“Because who needs a boyfriend when you have a cozy body pillow. Perfect for movie nights!” – Maggie, ‘18


Where you can buy it: 



  1. Extra-Long Phone Charger

“It’s the best when you need to charge your phone while laying in bed” – Taryn ‘18


Where you can buy it:



  1. Twinkle Lights

“Loved my twinkle lights! They made me feel laying in my bed that I was looking at the stars!” – Annie, ‘19


Where you can buy it: 





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