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5 Self Care Habits


A habit takes 66 days to form and knowing which habit you should tend to can be difficult. Fear not, the best habits to form are the ones that are directed toward self care. College can be stressful and it may seem like there is literally zero time for self care, but here are some ways that you can add it into your crazy schedule.

1. Listen to mindfulness podcasts

Instead of listening to music, I’ve been tuning into podcasts on mindfulness. Yoga Girl Daily and The Mindful Kind are two of my favorite podcasts. They are both fairly short so this habit is easy to add to your morning or nighttime routine or add to your commute to and from class.

2. Read books

One of my favorite things to do is read at night when it’s super quiet. It’s so relaxing and helps to relieve stress from the day. Instead of scrolling through Instagram at night, substitute your phone for a book. Reading improves memory, focus, and concentration, all of which are appealing to those looking to improve their studying skills.


3. Write in a journal

Writing down what you’re grateful for and what made you smile that day can help you reflect on what or who inspired you that day. Also, in a few months, you’ll be able to go back and read about those moments in your past and track your mental and personal growth.


4. Exercise regularly

This one is HUGE. Don’t skip the gym! Exercising helps relieve stress, improve

memory, and strengthen muscles and bones. Not only that but working out can boost your confidence and motivate you to focus on your physical health.


5. Eat whole foods

It is SO important to eat whole foods that will give you the nutrients that your body needs. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and grains are foods that will strengthen and energize you to help you take on the day.


It’s easy to forget that your body and mind needs a healthy dose of self care, but even sticking with at least one of these habits for 66 days can improve your well-being. There’s a lot to do in college and taking care of yourself shouldn’t only be for the weekends.


All of these self care habits are also TOTALLY instagrammable, so share with your friends and family what you’ve been doing to treat yo’ self! 





Hey there! I'm Leslie and I'm an Interdisciplinary Health Services major and English minor. I love running, photography, reading at night, and playing ice hockey. I hope you enjoy reading my articles just as much as I enjoy writing them!
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