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5 DIY Crafts That Make the Best Out of a Small Space and Budget

Decorating for a small space can be difficult, especially when you’re on a budget. I recently experienced the challenges of trying to make my apartment a comfier and more welcoming space while attemping to not only stay within my budget, but also overcome my (extreme) lack of artistic ability. So for this weeks style blog, I’m gearing away from fashion and sharing with you my top give simple, cheap DIY decor ideas that can make your apartment both cozy and personalized. You’ll be surprised what little touches can make a difference!

1. Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards

The supplies needed for this craft are a bulletin board, fabric, a glue gun and a stapler. Simply pick your favorite fabrics and transform an entire room with these go-to statement pieces. To further personalize the boards, take small pieces of ribbon and criss-cross the front with pins or hot glue. These look great hanging on their own, or as a photo display.


2. Painted Bottles as Vases

An easy way to make your apartment more “homey” and eclectic is to take empty bottles (soda or wine) and paint them so they look like vases. You can then either place real bouquets in them, or, if you can relate to not being able to keep flowers alive for more than about a day or so, go to the craft store and pick up a few fake ones, (they look the same I swear!).


3. Picture Frame White Board

For those of you who can never seem to keep up with your busy weekly schedule, this craft is essential. The supplies needed for this include a picture frame collage (these are sold at most craft stores for under $10), decorative paper and expo markers. This board will not only spice up a white wall, but can also keep you more organized for the week.


4. Magnetic Makeup Board

While at college, most of us do not have our own bathroom space, which can create an absolute mess of a bathroom counter (like my own) covered with the beauty products of multiple girls. Sharing a small bathroom leaves little to no space to stay organized or keep products to your self. The magnetic makeup board can not only transform your bathroom but also eliminate the countless hectic mornings that leave you running out the door wondering where the heck did that mascara go? The supplies needed for this craft include a frame, decorative fabric, small magnets, a hot glue gun and small containers. This is very easy and can make a noticeable difference for your makeup routine and  bathroom decor.


5. Picture Clotheslines

This craft is great for those oversized white walls you just don’t know what to do with. All you need are clothespins, string, nails or tape, and the photos or your choice. What I love most about this idea is that it’s totally interchangeable! You can switch in your favorite photos to hang up as often as you want and never have a boring white wall again.


So from me to you, being both on a college budget and frequently labeled as the “inartistic type” can present quite the challenge when decorating for an apartment. These DIY’s are easy, inexpensive, and can really make a difference in a space you call your own. Enjoy!





Hi! My name is Alexandra Tait, I am a pharmaceutical marketing major at Saint Joseph's University.
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