5 Billie Eilish songs for All of Your Odd Feelings


Billie Eilish is coming for her crown (you should see her in one) at the top of the charts. Her musical abilities are unmatched, and unlike any artist in the field today. Her voice, soft and mellow, packs a powerful punch when laying out her lyrics. 


What makes Billie Eilish so freaking amazing, anyway? Is it her strange liking to grotesque subject matter? Her poetic approach to sharing her feelings? Well, it’s all of those things. 



Each of her songs fits her personality, yet are all uniquely different in sound, delivery, and message. She’s got songs that match every thought and feeling. Here are some to listen to when you’re feeling pretty much anything. 



This song… where do I begin. This song has been my own personal anthem lately. This sing embodies all of the bad ass b*tch vibes that makes me feel like I’m in charge. 

2. watch &burn

This song is a two-parter, with the second song being a remix (both versions go SO hard, and make me feel all of the feelings). It’s a perfect tune for you when you’re stuck on a guy (but why would you be, right?) and need a mellow bop that makes you want to jam along. 


3. When the party’s over

This song… hits every emotion in the book. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and turn off the world, no matter what I’m truly feeling. This song is perfect when you feel like there’s no hope left. Sometimes all we need are some Sad Girl Hours with this song on an endless loop as we go through our camera roll and snapchat memories when times were simpler.



4. Bury a Friend

Some people are in the haunting Halloween spirit 365 days of the year. This one’s for you. It’s also a great song for when you’re really questioning your own motives. Billie says in an interview that this song is about the monster under her bed, and she is the monster, because she’s her own worst enemy...spooky, but relatable.



5. Wish you were gay

UGH! When someone just constantly wastes your time, and all you want in the world is for them to love you back!!! Billie went OFF with this song. It’s like, come on. I’m a big deal, why wouldn’t you love me? Sometimes we just wish he/she was gay so there was an unquestionable excuse for someone not reciprocating feelings. Yes Billie. We relate. Go off, sis.


Billie’s songs are unparalleled to any other artist out there right now. With a sound that’s uniquely her own, she puts music on the market that doesn’t go unnoticed. Her music is for everyone, so if you didn’t find a song that resonates with you from my list above, keep searching, you’ll find it.


Turn up the volume!