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25 Thoughts You Have on Hawk Hill After Studying Abroad

1. This is going to be weird

2. I feel like a freshman again, who are all these people?

3. I should probably switch off my phone from military time

4. At least I can finally turn airplane mode off and use data


6. Wait Barbelin is BE right? Or is it BL?

7. It definitely doesn’t take me 15 minutes to walk all the way to Merion from Mandeville

8. Wait it does

9. Walking five minutes late into class, hope this professor  doesn’t kill me

10. What’s my password to The Nest again?

11. “It was AMAZING, the BEST time of my life,” my answer to everyone I see

12. I forgot how much I hated these steps

13. It’s day one and I’m already hanging out with study abroad friends, typical.

14. Wait, I’m a junior now? This is terrifying

15. Mandatory TBT abroad Instagram post to reminisce on my 3 month vacation, I mean studying abroad

16. Everyone smiles here, we definitely aren’t in Europe anymore

17. I would kill for Starbucks right now, too bad my bank account has been in the negatives since December

18. Oh no, where is my Hawk Card

19. Currently looking up flights for Spring Break back to Europe

20. Please tell me EasyJet flies out of Philly

21. I forgot how good Hawk Wraps are

 22. After 3 months of clubbing, Netflix and Pizza night is definitely the Friday night move

23. I just found 3 euros, 2 pounds, and a Swiss Franc in my coat pocket, think this will substitute for Hawk Cash?

24. Barb looks taller since I’ve been gone

25. It’s good to be back

Traveling across the pond all the way back to Hawk Hill,



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