11 Times We Are All Britney Spears at a Bar

When the weekend rolls around we all get excited for the fun things in store for us! Here are 11 times we are all Britney Spears on the weekends:

1. Daydreaming in class on Thursday and Friday thinking about all the fun you're going to have that night


2. Getting ready for the night with your roommates


3. Walking into a themed mixer or party with your friends


4. Saying "hello" to everyone when you first walk into the bar or party


5. When you see your friend dancing with their crush across the room


6. What you think you look like on the dance floor. You. Are. Beyonce.

7. .... What you actually look like. Keep doing you, though.


8. When you see your crush dancing with someone else


9. When someone won't leave you alone at a bar


10. Ubering home the next morning in last night's outfit. Happens to the best of us, just play it cool.


11. When you hear about all of the things you did the night before. Some things are better left forgotten.


We hope you have a safe and fun weekend!!