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Working on Campus During the Holidays

Working an on campus job is one of the most convenient jobs you’ll ever have. Your boss understands finals, he or she will let you do homework when work is slow and gladly schedule you around your classes. Another thing is that on holidays campus is closed, so no work on Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, you may have work before or after the holidays when classes aren’t in session, which seems fine until the actual day comes when you’re walking through a desolate campus to get to work. These are the typical phases of working on campus during the holiday season.

Happy about getting paid.

While you of course want to be eating leftovers and watching holiday movies with your family you tell yourself the pay will be good, and it will make up for missing a day or two during the week.

Walking through empty campus.

The campus is bare because most students aren’t back from home yet. It’s a little creepy.

Wondering why you’re there.

There are like 10 people who are back on campus this early so you most likely won’t have that much to do.

Cherish the relaxing workflow.

You realize once class is back in session the days will never be like this again. Yes, it might be boring but at least you’re getting paid for it!

Enjoy family time

Once you’re off of work you’ll appreciate the time you have with your family even more. Plus you’ll have more money to buy those Christmas presents!

Tiana is a senior at San Jose State University and she is learning to take each day one step at a time while adjusting to life in the Bay Area. She's often watching YouTube videos on D.I.Y projects or hair care, but majority of the time she's watching Parks and Rec episodes while pretending to do homework. In the midst of all that homework dodging she's also casually planning her dream wedding. 
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