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Why You Should Make A LinkedIn Profile If You Haven’t Already

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

Have you ever had someone tell you that LinkedIn was super important, but you did not exactly know why? You are not the only one!

Until recently, I procrastinated on making a LinkedIn account because I did not see it as an immediate concern. I thought that I had time to make one, which I honestly still do. However, this is a “the sooner, the better” scenario because you need time to build your profile.

For those who are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, it is the largest online professional network site on the internet. Many people have obtained many connections and found their career paths through LinkedIn. To begin, I have researched the main reasons why having a LinkedIn profile will set your future up for success.


LinkedIn is the Instagram of the professional world. Many people, ranging from as early as high-school students to senior professionals, are active on LinkedIn in hopes of an opportunity for a boost in their career journey. Since there are so many professionals on the platform, it is an important networking tool to put yourself out there and become known to future employers.

Through LinkedIn, you can make many connections with people in your field, mutuals, role models, as well as follow your dream companies to get notified of any updates! Obtaining connections and building your professional reputations with people, especially HR managers, through LinkedIn can become beneficial when searching for jobs and internships because they may recognize and recommend you for the job.

Taking advantage of LinkedIn’s job board

LinkedIn has an enormous range of career opportunities, and employers are constantly looking for new candidates for employment every day on the platform. New job postings are updated daily and there are many features to filter down job opportunities to your desired field. Even if you are not actively looking for a job or internship, having a LinkedIn profile is beneficial because you can connect with people you met through school and networking events while staying in the loop of potential job openings that may interest you. You can also keep track of all of your achievements and post about your accomplishments. It is like your whole profile is a resume that can help open more doors for your future!

Center of information & professional development

Have you ever wanted to stalk a company or a recruiter before an interview? Because, same! You can use LinkedIn to research HR managers, interviewers, CEOs, and many more professionals that you look up to or may want to be a part of their company. It will be beneficial to know about them before submitting an application, as well as during the interviews. They also offer courses taught by experts to strengthen skills in business, software, and many more fields. This is called LinkedIn Learning and it offers certificates that you can obtain and add to your profile!

More and more companies are turning to online applications because it is easier to manage and the process is more efficient. Many recruiters require your resume when applying for a job offer, so a great LinkedIn profile definitely gives you a huge advantage that may win them over. The future is becoming more technologically advanced, therefore make sure to utilize LinkedIn soon because it might be your new resume in the future.


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