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Why the new China Anne McClain “Calling All the Monsters” Music Video is Better than the Original

For those of you who grew up watching the OG Disney channel in the early 2000s, I’m sure you remember China Anne McClain from the Disney Channel original show “Ant Farm.”

Back in 2011, she released a Halloween-themed music video called, “Calling All the Monsters.” It was popular back then and still is popular except now there is a 2021 version of the music video. 

Disney Music released the new music video on September. 30th, and it’s already received almost a million views. 

Just like the original music video, this one features the girl group Thrii, consisting of China Anne McClain and her two sisters, Sierra and Lauryn. 

There are clear differences between the two music videos. For starters, China is really young in the original video, and you can tell from her appearance and the way she’s singing. In the new music video, she looks a lot more mature. Her sisters are also not in the original music video, except for the beginning and end. 

One of the things I liked about the original music video, that the new one doesn’t have, is a storyline. At the beginning of the music video, China is shown talking to her sisters in front of a creepy, abandoned mansion. They’re asking her if this is where the Halloween party is happening, so China goes inside to check it out, only to find the monsters coming to life as they dance along with her. At the end of the music video, China goes back outside to meet her sisters who then ask if there was a party inside to which China answers, “no” and winks at the camera as she walks away. I wish they had still included this part in the new music video or at least some kind of storyline to go along with all of the singing and dancing. 

The original music video gives off a playful, fun vibe while the newer version is darker and more intense. In the 2011 music video, China is wearing a pink sparkly shirt and looks like she’s having fun dancing with the monsters. This feels like a music video you would show to kids, and they would be dancing around their room singing along to it. 

The new music video appeals more to adults which makes sense because China is 23 years old now, and most of the people who grew up watching her on Disney Channel are also young adults. The video shows China dancing more intensely and staring at the camera like she is trying to make a statement, giving off a more dramatic effect. 

Also, it’s obvious just from watching the two videos next to each other that the new music video spent a lot more money on production and costumes, etc. 

Whoever directed this music video did a really great job, and even the choreography is amazing. 

Another noticeable difference is that in the new music video, there’s a rap section that features the rapper Messenger. The original music video didn’t have this.

China has grown a lot since her “Ant Farm” days on Disney Channel. Since then, she has played Uma, the daughter of Ursula in Disney’s smash hit movie franchise “Descendants” and was in another Disney Channel original movie, “How to Build a Better Boy.” She was also in Grown Ups 1 and 2. 

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