Why Spring Semester is Enjoyable

It is now the SPRING SEMESTER, and things are about to change after a long winter break.

Whether it is your first or last semester, some students tend to dread this time of year due to the long break presented by universities throughout the country.

Gearing up for another semester can be quite annoying, but being able to find the positives in a new beginning is what makes life worth living.

The start of a new semester can truly be a blessing to all students for many reasons.

1. New Beginnings

After the fall semester, winter break is usually a time of reflection and celebrating the holidays. Following the fall semester also brought in a new year. With the start of 2017, resolutions and goals were set in order to make change throughout the new year. With a new start, have you been able to think of anything different that you would like to improve on?

  2. Warmer Weather

Brrrrr, is most definitely right. After experience a somewhat chilly winter break, one thing to look forward to is the shift of seasons. One season away from summer, Spring is the time where the gloves, and thick winter coats are switched out for floral prints and shorts.

 3. Spring Break!

Compared to Thanksgiving break, this semester's break just does not compare. Many students flock to warmer destinations in order to enjoy their spring break. Getting away to enjoy the beach or sitting by the pool is essential during this break which makes the semester a little more easier.

4. Countdown to Summer Break

Overall the greatest break of them all happens to be during the summer. Usually the longest break for SJSU students, this break gives students more time to enjoy and actually have fun in the sun. Whether each student’s plans on working or gaining experience at an internship, this semester is heavily favored and gives students room to travel.

  5. Graduation

Watching other graduates walk around with their cap and gowns on will be very common at the end of the semester. This time is very special because every department on campus will be presenting graduates with their degrees. The most popular semester for graduates, spring semester is an important semester for students who are entering the post-graduate life and transitioning from college.