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Why The Penthouse: War in Life Should Your Next K-Drama to Binge Watch

2020 gave rise to many memorable Korean dramas, such as “Itaewon Class” and “True Beauty.” As a result, the bar on what makes a drama worth watching has been raised fairly high. However, there is one K-Drama that stood out to me from the rest. As one of the most-watched K-Dramas towards the end of 2020, and the beginning of 2021, “The Penthouse: War in Life” is different from your average love triangle storyline instead leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The gripping drama follows the lives of multiple families living in the Hera Palace— a luxury penthouse apartment building with 100 floors in Seoul. Each family and individual has their own hidden secrets and ambitions. Thus, in this penthouse, they all fight for power, wealth, and prestige throughout the entire drama. The multiple different storylines all follow narratives either between the parents or between the children.

“The Penthouse” keeps you wondering what is going to happen next with endless plot twists that you do not expect, but that is what makes this drama worth watching. It is known as a “makjang,” which is a show that involves many unrealistic and abnormal situations that go from bad to worse but in the best way possible. “Makjang” series are often so filled with drama that you can not help but keep watching just to see how it ends, “The Penthouse” is no different.

So if you are interested in K-Dramas like “SKY Castle” or in mysteries and thrillers then this K-Drama may be for you.

Each episode is a little over an hour long, but with the cliffhangers that the show leaves you on, binge-watching it most likely will not be hard. With season 2 recently ending, as well as season 3 set to be released in June 2021, that leaves you plenty of time to catch up!

If you do decide to watch and check out the drama, let us know what you think by tagging us @HerCampusSJSU on Instagram! Be sure to prepare a snack and happy watching!

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