What Ugly Betty Taught Me

Binge watching your favorite television show whether it is on Netflix or Hulu is a definite in college this time around.

Learning lessons from a favorite TV show  can be a highlight in life no matter what mood you may be in.

The hit television series Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera concluded in 2010, but brought valuable learning experiences through different characters to American television.

Originally written in a Colombian show titled ‘Yo Soy Betty, la Fea’ went on to be adopted by over 10 countries that include China, Poland and India.

America’s remake of the show titled Ugly Betty produced by actress Salma Hayek provided moments of laughter as well as lessons for viewers to learn.

WARNING: If you have never watched the series there will be spoilers!

There is Beauty in EVERY struggle:

Betty bursted into the doors of Mode, a high fashion magazine with workers who found a quick dislike of the colorful outfits that helped her stand out amongst them all. Gaining the negative attention of co-workers, she eventually came out to be favorited by adapting through multiple struggles in order to save the magazine that went through a bankruptcy almost causing it to fail, but Betty’s ways brought life to many moments on the show.

Our Worst Enemy CAN become a friend:

After a large feud between Editor in Chief Daniel Meade played by Eric Mabius and Wilhelmina Slater portrayed by Vanessa Williams did not start well. Slater waltzed her way throughout Mode magazine with plans to put Daniel out of his position and to take over. The former model charmed viewers with her antagonist ways that included fiery comebacks all to become editor in chief in the final episode.

Evil can still be good:

Wilhelmina Slater began as a evil character that solely had a goal to become the editor in chief of Mode magazine. Following an array of tactics and continuous failure, audiences were able to see her change of heart. Family issues and love casually got into the way of Slater’s life, pressuring her to expose her true feelings, which was quickly masked by her villainous ways.  

Wherever you go, there you are!

Accepting a position in London, Betty flew across the Atlantic to continue fulfilling her dreams. The final scene of the series led to Suarez randomly bumping into Daniel Meade, who then agreed to have a dinner date with each other. Betty traveled miles to live a different life, but her past life continued to follow her randomly after leaving the states to continue pursuing her dreams.

Being a favorite by many viewers, the show being picked up in many countries allowed each to teach a lesson of its viewers.

Most importantly, knowing that beauty is something that cannot be put on, Betty shined her light in a way that led to her permanent change in beauty herself in the end.