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Tips For How to Have a Successful Photo Shoot by Yourself

As someone that is a content creator on Instagram, it always feels super easy to run out of content to post. That’s where needing to take pictures of yourself comes in. Especially now, in quarantine, it is really difficult to find someone to take these pictures for you. So, finding and using all of the tips and tricks to taking the best photos of yourself for yourself is going to be the best solution to your problem.

Follow this step-by-step process to have a successful photoshoot by yourself and get some bomb content.

1. Plan Your Outfits Beforehand

In order to feel the most relaxed and stress-free on photoshoot day, plan your outfits beforehand. This can either be done the night before or the early morning of. Planning your outfits is a given for any photoshoot, even when you are shooting pictures with someone, but it is especially key when you are by yourself. If you are even taking pictures out in public, that can get nerve-racking, so pre-planning your outfits will help you feel more relaxed and confident in yourself when snapping the shots you need.

2. Plan Out Your Poses

When taking pictures in general, you need to have a set of poses ingrained into your head so that you have a general direction on how you want your body to look. Using Pinterest has been my go-to app for inspiration on how to pose in certain pictures and outfits. Planning out your poses will also allow you to go into the photoshoot more confidently since you will feel like you KNOW what you are doing.

3. Plan to Take Pictures on a Sunny Day

Since you're taking pictures of yourself, it is going to be pretty difficult to be able to get the lighting perfectly situated. By going out on a sunny day, versus going on a cloudy or gloomy day, you are guaranteeing yourself good lighting no matter the angle. Natural sunlight is the best match for Instagram-worthy pictures.

4. Use a Tripod

Getting the perfect angle for your shot by yourself is pretty much impossible, especially if there is nowhere for you to prop your phone onto. That is where a floor and freestanding tripod comes in. Amazon has tons of these for amazing prices, but one I found that works great is the HAITENT Phone Floor Tripod Stand, which is sold at the solid price of $34.99. Getting a tripod that maneuvers both vertically and horizontally is key to getting all the angles you desire.

5. Use Lens Buddy

As someone that appreciates having hundreds of options to go through, Lens Buddy has truly been my best friend through it all. This app allows you to take a burst of photos, with an option to select how many pictures you want in that burst, and how far apart in time you want each photo to be taken. It even has a self-timer for before you take your first photo which is seriously game-changing.

I hope these tips give you a better idea of how you can utilize your own time in quarantine to make some bomb content for your Instagram. Tag us on Instagram, @HerCampusSJSU so we can see all of the pictures you take of yourself!

Hello! My name is Jacqueline, but I usually go by Jackie. I am a freshman at San Jose State University as an Advertising major. I love creating all things content, whether it be writing articles for this website or making videos for my YouTube channel.
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