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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

With the high cost of college, commuting is a great option to save money. San Jose State  University happens to be a commuter school, meaning the majority of the students, including myself, commute to class. However, commuter students often feel isolated and struggle to experience typical college life since they live at home. 

As a commuter student myself, here are some tips for getting more involved on campus and fulfilling the most of your college experience.

1.) Join clubs! 

 San Jose State University offers countless clubs. Whichever club you decide to join, it is a great way to meet other students with similar hobbies and become part of the campus. An easy way to find these clubs is through social media, friends, or flyers. Another way to discover clubs is being on the lookout for tabling events on 7th street!

2.)  Make Friends with Residents 

Whether you are a commuter student or not, it has been difficult to make friends during these uncertain times. Many commuter students feel disconnected from the students who stay on campus. However, many other students may feel the same way as you. With that being said, many residents are friendly and relate to how you feel, so don’t be afraid to make new friends. They also offer great support and can help you look out for any upcoming events you may be unaware of as a commuter student.

3.) Create a Schedule

It’s important to plan a schedule that fits your needs as a commuter. I try to squeeze most of my classes into three days a week to lessen my commute from home. When planning your schedule accordingly, you can save you stress later on.

4.) Take advantage of the Spartan Recreation Center

During my time at SJSU, I’ve made the most out of the resources, whether it is the Martin Luther King Library or the Student Success Center, and the most beneficial one is the SRAC. With the increasing price of gym memberships, I found it handy that our campus offers an amazing gym and pool. I also met some friends there who have similar gym goals as me!  

5.) Appreciate your home

Although living at home can get a bit annoying as a college student, it’s important to appreciate the personal space you have. I often take it for granted, but being able to go home after a long day of school and work can be very refreshing.