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During the spooky season, there are many places to go to celebrate the changing of the leaves. But if you’re like me and love the more scary side of Halloween, then maybe you want to go to some places where it’s a little spookier. But even if you don’t, read on to discover some of the best-haunted places in San Jose and why it’s believed to be haunted!


525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA

Perhaps the most famous haunted attraction in San Jose. This Victorian-style house was once home to the widow of gun mogul William Winchester, Sarah Winchester. This manor consists of many rooms, hallways, and stairways that lead to nowhere, which was said to be an effort to protect Sarah Winchester from the spirits of the gun-slain victims. After she died, it is believed that Sarah joined the spirits and haunts the manor.


SJSU, San Jose

Our very own haunted on-campus location! SJSU is known to have been used as a processing site during WWII for Japanese internees. Faint human crying and voices are claimed to be heard throughout this building by both staff and students.


15005 Mt Hamilton Rd, San Jose, CA

Sitting high up on Mount Hamilton, this restaurant is rumored to have one guest that frequents more than the rest — the spirit of a young girl.  It is said that people have spotted her by the diner, and she may be the explanation for the restaurant’s flickering lights.


Quimby Rd, East San Jose, CA

If you’re thinking about going along Quimby Road late at night, think again — unless you plan on running into San Jose’s well-known spirits, the Quimby Road Jogger! Those driving through spotted this ghostly figure before he disappeared into the hills.


Hick’s Rd, San Jose, CA

Though not necessarily haunted, Hicks Road is the backdrop for a dark oldie but goldie urban legend. It is said that angry albinos, witches, and recluses have been known to angrily chase trespassers down the road.

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Ashley Tang is studying radio-tv-film at San Jose State University. In her free time you can catch her journaling, rewatching her favorite films, and exploring new places.
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