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Before quarantine began, I would often go to cafes to study and get work done. Lucky for me (and you!), SJSU has plenty of adorable coffee spots to be productive and get your homework done. Hopefully, after quarantine, you’ll get the chance to explore these different cafes in San Jose. The distance time included is from San Jose State University to the coffee shop.

  1. Voltaire Coffee Roasters - 10 minute walk
  2. Philz Coffee - 2 minute walk
  3. Chromatic Coffee CO - 6 minute drive
  4. The Grind Coffee House - 13 minute drive
  5. Caffe Frascati - 11 minute walk
  6. La Lune Sucrée - 8 minute walk
  7. Voyager Craft Coffee - 7 minute drive
  8. Hannah Coffee Tea & Sweets - 7 minute drive
  9. Spectra Coffee - 12 minute drive
  10. Academic Coffee - 10 minute walk

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