The Struggles of Girls who Suck at Makeup

YouTube Tutorials

You've watched tons of YouTube videos and the girls on the screen make it look so easy. You make sure you click on videos with these keywords: beginner friendly, easy, quick and simple makeup tutorials only to discover that there are still so many steps and so many brushes! Why do they use so many different brushes!


OK! So if you can get your eyebrows straight than everything else will fall into place. Too bad filling in eyebrows doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

FoundationIt’s hard enough finding the right shade of foundation and concealer to match your skin tone but, now you also have to find something that contours your features along with something that highlights and brightens your face as a whole. Great.

Eyeshadow & winged eyeliner

Basically anything dealing with the eyes that’s not mascara is a struggle. Does your smokey eye end up looking more like somebody punched you in the face? Mine too. And then your eyes start to water from all the prodding that it’s not used to.


You’re ready you’ve watched the videos and you’ve bought the lashes, glue and tweezers. Now that you’ve got glue everywhere and accidentally clipped your eyelid, you’e wondering why did you decide to put yourself through this torture.

Giving up

By now you’re probably feeling defeated, frustrated and darn right angry. So, you grab those over priced make-up wipes and smear the goo off your face and contemplate swearing off makeup all together. Maybe you’ll try again another time but for now applying a little mascara and a dab of chap stick and running out the door is just fine!