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“Soft Girl” Essentials to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

Developing a new sense of style doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. If you’re looking to change up your wardrobe this winter, here are a few “soft girl” essentials you can take on. This aesthetic is all about exhibiting dreamy and toned-down vibes.

2. Turtlenecks

This is an easy way to keep the “soft girl” style while staying warm! The “soft girl” aesthetic usually brings to mind golden hour pictures taken during the summer and outfits featuring breathable dresses and skirts. However, adding a neutral-colored turtleneck under your favorite dress could keep the look consistent and cozy for fall.

2. (Faux) Collars

The overlaying collar add-on has definitely gained some popularity with the help of TikTok over the past few months. Although the faux collar is an innovative way to style your crew necks, you can always opt for layering a collared-long-sleeve beneath your sweaters to keep yourself warm and whimsical.

3. Cropped Cardigans

Stay in style with an iconic cropped cardigan. Whether you thrift it online or steal a forgotten cardigan from your mom’s closet, this little essential will accentuate the light look a “soft girl” aesthetic paints.

4. High-Waisted Bottoms

Whether you choose to wear a skirt or pants, high-waisted bottoms are a must-have staple. The high-waisted bottom is the “soft girl” crux for a two-piece outfit. This aesthetic typically emphasizes a short torso and long legs; however, any body type can achieve this look with high waisted bottoms.

5. Ruffled socks

Accessorizing your feet can be just as crucial when it comes to pulling together your outfit. One of my personal favorites ways to make a statement is pairing together ruffled socks with a pair of sneakers.

6. Bandana Veil

Adding a bandana veil to your wardrobe is the easiest way to obtain a “soft girl” look. I recommend finding neutral-colored bandanas to fit whatever color scheme you’re aiming for. You can even add hair clips to your bandanas to really solidify the outfit.

Keep in mind that you can alter these suggestions however you see fit. Achieving a “soft girl” look is all about keeping your colors light and delicate. Go ahead and play around with your current wardrobe to see which pieces you’d like to alter or adopt. Make sure to tag us in any “soft girl” outfits you put together!


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