SJSU Alumni Javier Colorio


1. What did you choose San Jose State for your Masters?

JC: When I joined the program, I was looking to be a journalist, I got my BA in Mexico in marketing and advertising, wanted to complement my background with journalism.

2. Major:

JC:Mass Communications

3. Current Job:

JC: Account Executive Yelp. Work with small and medium business owners helping them grow their business.

4. What challenges did you experience upon graduating?

JC: Did not know how to sell. I learned in the streets then started reading books and at different jobs.

5. Favorite travel destination?

 JC: Mexico

6. Favorite city and why?

JC:  New York love everything about it, food, people, diversity and sites.

7. Three words that describes yourself?

JC:  Creative, Sarcastic and Fighter

8. What advice can you give to students graduating San Jose State?

JC:  Learn how to sell, if you do photography learn how to sell your photos, if you are great in writing learn how to sell your stories, whatever you do give it a value. They teach us a lot at school and in classes, but we do not learn how to sell ourselves.

9. Most influential person in your life?

 JC:  Mom, I love the values she has and gave me, I can always talk with her. She is not my friend or pretends to be she has always been my mom but we have always been very close.  

10. Most memorable moment at San Jose State and why?

JC:  My wife changed my life because I needed someone like her in my life. Everyone always saw potential in me but no one ever took the time to work on my potential and she had the patience and love to work with me and make me a better person.

11. Favorite food:

JC: Mexican Tacos

12. Favorite Sport:

JC: Football

13. Something that most people don’t know about you?

JC: Sometimes I listen to classical music

14. Proudest accomplishment?

JC: Learning how to get up after failing several times

15. What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

  JC:  I never buy tickets, but I feel like I win the lottery everyday with everything I have in my life.