San Jose State University: Campus Hacks for Freshman

1.    Food

     •    Dining Commons: Switch meal plan to 7 swipes & $1,500 in dining dollars

          •    Allows you to purchase a variety of food items from the student union, village market, etc.

     •    Purchase the reusable to go box!

          •    Take food to go & don’t waste time waiting around for friends to be available in order to eat. 

     •    Ginger Market 

          •    Poke

          •    Sushi

          •    Banh Mi

          •    Starbucks

          •    Breakfast sandwiches & burritos 

          •    Pastries

     •    Paseo Fresh:  One of the healthier spots you will find on campus and in the student union!

          •    Sandwiches

          •    Salads

          •    Pastries

          •    Starbucks

          •    Soup

          •    Snacks

     •    Close Off-Campus Restaurants & Cafe’s 

          •    Sonia’s Kitchen $ (cash only) - burgers & sandwiches 

          •    San Carlos Italian Pizza $ - pizza, pasta, and salad  

          •    Sammy G’s $$ - pizza 

          •    Gong Cha $ - bubble tea shop 

          •    Philz Coffee $ - coffee shop 

          •    Spartan Taco Truck $ (cash only) - open from 10pm to 2am 

          •    Cali Spartan Mexican Kitchen $ - comfort food 

2.    Entertainment

     •    Tower Lawn: picnic, paint, and hammock (great midday or weekend activity)

     •    Bowling & Billiards: pool tables, bowling alley, & snack bar (student discount w/ tower ID) 

     •    Events Center: concerts and shows

     •    Hammer Theatre: school productions (student discount)

     •    San Jose Sharks: student discount tickets 

     •    Football, soccer, water polo, and basketball games 

3.    Dorms

      •    Roommates: You may not get the roommate you request (no one is sure why).  

      •    The study lounge is usually full and loaded (not a good space if there are others in there and you want to get work done). 

      •    RA’s can be very helpful if you need information or advice. 

4.    Friends

      •    The first two weeks of school are crucial! Get out of your comfort zone and go to all of the welcome-week activities and events. 

      •    Join clubs, sports teams, and even a sorority on campus if you are looking to make friends and meet people with similar interests. 

      •    Make different groups of friends and find the ones you truly connect with. 

      •    People come and go in your life, and it’s easy to move on because you haven’t known them for that long.  

5.    School 

     •    Don’t spend too much time on one assignment! 

           •    If you are spending 6 hours a day on homework, you must find a way to balance your work load. 

     •    If you can’t focus in your room, take a trip to MLK Library (open 24 hours to students). 

     •    Rent your books on amazon or from the bookstore; it’s cheaper! 

     •    Your calendar and reminder app will become your best friend (keep track of everything, so it doesn’t become overwhelming).

6.    Perks

     •    Amazon Prime is free for the first 6 months and half off after that (using your school email)

     •    Spotify Premium $4.99/month

     •    Check out tech equipment from MLK library (cameras, laptops, chargers, etc.)