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Over the years the film industry has moved from creating classics to solely making reboots and live-action adaptations. 

From “Scream”, “Jumanji”, “Ghostbusters”, and the newest addition “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Studios like Disney are creating live-action adaptations of their beloved animated movies like “The Lion King”, “Cruella”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. 

Many see the new adaptations as a way for new generations to enjoy the cult classics, while others see it as the film industry running out of ideas.  

Reboots are not just taking over the film industry, TV shows alike are getting reboots and spinoffs of old classics. “How I Met Your Mother”, “Gossip Girl”, and “Gilmore Girls” have been longtime favorites but were quickly ruined with spinoffs. 

The issue many viewers have with reboots is the continuation of the storyline but with new characters. 

Horror movies have fallen victim to reboots in most recent years, with die-hard fans leaving disappointed when their beloved character returns to die. 

Reboots can be well made with a good storyboard and writer’s room. Oftentimes these reboots cloud viewers with nostalgia and can not differentiate between if something is actually good or if it is just based on their old favorite movie. 

A few well-made reboots are “Batman the Dark Knight”, “Freaky Friday”, and “Mad Max Fury Road”.  

The industry will not stop greenlighting reboots, which is why supporting fresh film ideas is important. 

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Lesley Rodriguez is currently a third year journalism major attending San Jose State University.
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