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Reasons Why Music Makes Life Beautiful

Music is a universal language that brings people from all over the world together. Music has no language barriers, no religion, and no boundaries. This allows us to fully fuel our heart and soul with the harmonies and melodies that resonate around us. Through desires to share our experiences and feelings, we build a strong emotional connection to music that helps us express ourselves and spread that warm feeling to everyone around us! Here are just a few examples of how important music is. 

  1. Music heals your soul and changes perspective

Music can take us anywhere in the world and to any period of time if we close our eyes and listen. We can go back a century by listening to Jazz, or we can listen to Chanson Française and feel as if we are taking a stroll by The Seine River in France. From lyrical songs to classical music, the sound of each note makes us feel some type of way. When you’re sad, you listen to music to lift up your spirits. When you need encouragement, you listen to music to get you pumped up. When you feel happy, you listen to music to brighten up your mood even more so. We build a strong emotional connection to the music we listen to, as well as the artists that create it. It unblinds you from your emotions and creates a scenario where you can think positively and make better decisions. Songs can remind you of periods of time where you were happy, sad, in love, broken-hearted, angry, etc. It reminds you of important moments that are unforgettable, which is why it makes life beautiful. 

  1. Music ignites physical motion

From exercise to dance parties, music brings out the dancing machine in everyone! Personally, I love to exercise with music, because it’s like my caffeine without the caffeine. It fuels me to work harder because the powerful beats and encouraging lyrics make me feel motivated. Dancing to music can be a form of therapy, as well. Many people express themselves with their movements, which produces serotonin and dopamine. It promotes social, cognitive, and physical integration which helps the mind relax while making the body stronger. There are many health benefits to dancing to music because it boosts coordination while improving flexibility and decreasing body tension. Dancing is a form of exercise that increases your heart rate, which makes life so much more fun.

  1. Music brings people together

A sense of connection and relatability comes with music. Because people experience different events that happened in their life that correspond to the same feeling, they fall in love with the music that expresses those feelings. This leads to going to concerts with people who love the same artist and music, which brings a community of people from all different backgrounds together. Music has no boundaries, and everyone can enjoy the harmonies and melodies of music regardless of race, gender, disability, and sexuality. Music has many varieties and comes from all parts of the world. Recently, Korean pop has been a global phenomenon. People from all over the world listen to many K-pop artists, such as Blackpink, BTS, NCT, etc. without knowing the language. They fall in love with the sound, the style, the people, and the K-pop community has grown to over millions of fans from all over the world. Music brings people together, and the internet has become the key factor in creating that global community.

Imagine a life without music… It’s crazy to think about how much music has a positive impact on our lives until we think about what life would be like without it. Music brings so much color and uniqueness to the world that it would be so dull if it didn’t exist. It has been a part of many traditions in cultures from all over the world. It’s an art that holds people from all generations together and creates a legacy that can never be replaced. Express yourself and don’t be scared to sing and dance to your heart’s content! Music is a blessing to the world, so let’s all enjoy it together!

To empower others through words. I am a junior at San Jose State University and pursuing a profession in Marketing! I love to share the many journeys I go through and the many lessons I've learned in my writing! When reading articles from empowering women, it gives me the strength to persevere and a community of support that I can lean on. I want to do the same for others, therefore, I use my platform to share a story to give advice on a variety of topics. Personally, what makes writing so fulfilling to me is the inspiration and motivation I give others when I write about the lessons I've learned through the obstacles I've faced. Writing is an art that I use to express myself and who I am. I hope you enjoy reading my articles :)
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