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A lot of us don’t like using public restrooms for many reasons including uncleanliness, lack of privacy, and having to wait in a line to do our business.

So to the fellow San Jose State University students, this is the article you didn’t know you needed! I will be rating all the restrooms I’ve used at SJSU so you don’t have to. The order will go from worst to best. Keep in mind that I use the women’s restroom so the men’s restroom may be different from what I’ve experienced.

1.  Any MLK library restroom: ⅕ stars

Talk about a bathroom nightmare! MLK restrooms are the worst of the worst on campus. Students have seen needles, defecation, and skid-marked toilet paper on the floor. Sometimes the stalls aren’t even stocked with toilet paper, and the foot traffic gives you little privacy to do your business. Not all MLK restrooms are like this though. The restrooms tend to get better as you get to the higher floors.

2. Student Union, 1st floor: ⅗ stars

If you want peace of mind while doing your business, the first floor of the student union is NOT the place for you. Especially during lunch hours. Out of all the restrooms I’ve been to on campus, the student union is the busiest one. Sometimes there’s even a line.

3. Boccardo Business Center ⅗ stars

Do yourself a favor and don’t use this restroom on a hot day. The BBC restrooms are known to be stuffy and as if the air is “recycled.” Sometimes, the stalls are dirty and seem to have not been cleaned in days.

4. Duncan Hall 3.5/5 stars

The Duncan Hall 1st floor is a tiny step up from the BBC restrooms. Duncan Hall lacks ventilation, giving that recycled air experience you can enjoy in BBC as well. While this may be true, the restrooms tend to be less busy and the doors are slightly longer, so it adds a bit more privacy.

5. Music and Dance Building ⅘ stars

When you use almost any restroom in the Music and Dance building, you can be guaranteed to hear music vibrate through the restroom walls. Talk about a bonus! The restrooms in this building are usually well-kept and clean. The only complaint I have is with the stall doors. For some reason, they are higher up, so it feels like there’s less privacy,  and slightly cramped.

6. Tower Hall, 2nd floor 4.5/5 stars

If you need to go #2, Tower Hall on the second floor is the perfect place. It is the privacy heaven of all SJSU restrooms. It has a touch of a marble countertop and paper towels if you aren’t a fan of the hand dryer. My only complaint is that it’s quite echoey and it gets awkward when there’s someone else in the restroom.

7. Health Center 5/5 stars

The best restroom an SJSU student could ever ask for. Privacy, cleanliness, and non-gross feeling air! The foot traffic in the health center restrooms isn’t bad at all, so if you need some quality time with a toilet, choose the Health Center restrooms!

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