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Let’s face it, we all crave boba from time to time. And if you’re like me, you crave it almost every day. But sometimes, it may be hard to decide where to go for your boba fix, especially since San Jose is filled with so many boba shops. There are just too many choices! 

So for the boba addicted San Jose State University Students, I got you covered. I’ve ranked some of the boba shops close to campus in order from worst to best, so the next time you’re craving boba you know where to try.

8. Boba bar: ⅖  

A house converted to a boba shop with Boba Guys aesthetics. The atmosphere was pretty cute and is a fun place to hang out. The drinks, on the other hand, need a little help. The drink I tried (Jasmine milk tea) felt watered down, lacked a tea taste, and the boba pearls felt a little too dense. For the price of their drinks, I expected better quality.

7. Tea alley: ⅗ 

The only boba shop that opens until 2 a.m! The drinks aren’t the best given the price, but certain drinks weren’t that bad, such as their fruit teas. Their popcorn chicken is pretty good, though. Sometimes I go back specifically for their popcorn chicken, but their drinks? There are better places.

6. Tea degree: ⅗ 

A smart location, but the drinks could be better. This is probably the best option if you are in desperate need of a quick boba fix in between your classes, as it is located on campus. I got the Tiger Sugar here, and it tasted like they added too much milk, but I liked the chewy consistency of their boba pearls. 

5. Tisane: 3.2/5 

The atmosphere here is really cute, giving off nightclub vibes! But when it comes to the actual boba themselves, I was disappointed. The drinks tasted too sweet, so if you do go here I recommend lowering the sweetness level. Their boba pearls are also inconsistent. It can be either too mushy or too dense. 

4. Gong cha: 3.3/5

The most convenient location for SJSU students as it’s located right across the street from campus. Their drinks are pretty average, but you can customize them however you want to. Overall, a bad place for a satisfying quick boba fix.

3. Break time: 3.5/5

The interior of this little boba shop is cute, and it is semi-close to campus. If you need some boba quickly, I would recommend this place. Their boba is pretty decent. It has good boba pearl consistency, a strong tea taste, and average pricing. 

2. Buddy teahouse: ⅘ 

The best place to go to quickly satisfy your boba cravings! They are close to campus, consistent with their drinks, and have a variety of drinks and food for you to choose from. It might be a little pricey, but the distance and quality of their drinks, I say it makes up for it.

1. Tea villa: 5/5 

They’re not the closest to campus, but the quality of their drinks and the prices make this the best boba shop near SJSU. They have a nice atmosphere, lots of drinks to choose from, and different payment options (they accept Venmo!). If you want a satisfying boba spot for both your wallet and taste buds, choose Tea Villa!

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Ashley Tang is studying radio-tv-film at San Jose State University. In her free time you can catch her journaling, rewatching her favorite films, and exploring new places.
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