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Pre-Semester Jitters: They Exist

Imagine feeling a sense of extreme nervousness before the semester even begins, yes this usually happens weeks before the semester begins.

Before heading to your first class you wonder what type of stresses will occur for the semester and if things will turn out for better or worse.

Pre-semester jitters usually occurs and anxiety sets in, but there are ways to cope through this.

Having preconceived stress about the upcoming semester can be difficult, but distracting yourself in a healthy ways to not think too hard about the work and extracurricular activities, sometimes the best thing to do is not stress.




One thing to most definitely not do is WORRY. Heading into a new semester gives students the option to prepare for greater opportunities before starting. After overseeing your final grades last semester, give yourself time to prepare to do better. Even if your grades were good, prepare for other ways to improve on the last semester.

2. Get Organized

Let off some steam by creating a journal or calendar to get organized for the semester. Determine what is important before the semester ends to not feel so overwhelmed once the semester begins. Include all extracurricular activities and if you are currently employed in order to know what to expect each day. This will help you to not feel so wound up every day of the week.

3. De-Stress

Worrying about the upcoming semester can cause a lot of stress. One of the best things to do is enjoy yourself by doing what you love. Whether it is your favorite hobby like painting, or working out, the best thing to do is to destress by doing what you’d like.

4. Remember Why You Are In College

It seems easier said than done, but giving yourself a pep-talk about stress during the semester should be something that would be helping in aiding you feel better. Having an idea why college is where you currently in life is the best example. Remembering that college is something important to you and how you have managed to make it through so far is the most important factor in making it through the difficult times including when having the jitters in the beginning of the semester.

Having thoughts about an upcoming semester brings up a lot of emotions, but the best way to get through it is by just taking things one day at a time. Being in college is another stepping stone to preparing for the adult life.

So relax, and enjoy the semester as each day passes by!


Shellise West is the current campus correspondent at San Jose State University. Majoring in journalism with a minor in radio, television and film she plans to not fall short of fulfilling her dream as a sports reporter. A Bay Area native her hobbies include singing, dancing and listening to music. Follow Shellise on Twitter @SoulfulPenned.
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