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Life moves in one direction. Whether we choose to remember it as the good direction or the bad direction is up to us. I see photography in the same way. 

From afar, it may seem like a meaningless, insignificant moment, but when you drop off your film canister, wait patiently for it to get developed, and get to remember that scene all over again it’s far from insignificant.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I helped my parents clean, a lot. It was then I found my new best friend: a Canon EOS Rebel X film camera. This camera was probably one of the only wedding gifts my parents received that is still intact from almost 30 years ago. My parents said I could keep it and thus began my most expensive, enlightening and fulfilling hobby: film photography.

What’s the best thing to do when you get something new? Name it. I debated this for weeks but finally decided on Regan. One: it’s a vibe. Two: it’s the name of the character played by Megan  Fox in  New Girl. Three: my bestie/roommate/fabulous editor-in-chief came up with it, so I had to.

There’s something so authentic about film photography rather than taking pictures on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, whipping out your phone to quickly capture a moment then sending it to your friends or posting on Instagram is the most ingenious thing. 

Capturing the beauty of the raw reality of the world is something else. I feel like I’m constantly looking for the good in the world and the most picturesque moments. The best part is you don’t even have to be good at photography. The moments you need in a way present themselves to you. 

Now, you could argue and say it’s because I’m a Pisces that I like to pretend I’m living in a movie fantasy world and want everyone to see what I’m seeing. You’d argue this and you’d be 100% correct. Life’s too short to forget the tiny good moments. I keep a journal to write in, but the pictures help add extra oomph. 

If you’re interested in buying into my philosophy, start with finding a camera and maybe doing research about which one you’d want. 

Check out thrift stores, Goodwill, Savers, your parent’s closet, your grandparent’s basement, ask your uncle Steve, eBay, Etsy, I guarantee you’ll find the one you need. I also recommend finding a local photoshop to develop your film for you. It’s great for the local economy and usually, the turn around is super fast. I use FotoExpress in Downtown San Jose!

The joy of getting to hold pictures that are nowhere else in the world is an unmatched energy that holds so much power. 

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Anika is a second year at SJSU with a Major in International Business and a Minor in Advertising. She is the Vice President of the Marketing Association and is also a Peer Mentor at SJSU. She loves fashion and adventure and loves to write about both!
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