Open Letter: To My Future Self

Hey you,

I think it’s pretty say to say that it’s always good to be prepared in life. Whether it be for upcoming events, and sometimes even for unexpected problems. In fact, life comes at you exceedingly fast and it can feel unbearable. Heartbreak, setbacks and facing the reality of it all is what hurts the most. I want you to be prepared through it all, even when it becomes difficult.

When I say “prepared” I think of being ready. The dictionary definition of prepared means to make ready for use or consideration. You already work hard at using your mind to consider things in life. Why not always be ready to take life’s biggest problems and confront them head on by being prepared?

You lost a huge part of yourself for two years. Working hard at trying to please someone who couldn’t even see the best part of you. You were persistent at applying pressure and making sure that this individual would put in the necessary work in order to court you. That didn’t happen. This is the hardest part that have yet to accept. You can’t see that everyone isn’t capable of seeing the best of what you see within yourself as a young woman.


As time continues to pass it’s important to look back on this aspect of your life and continue to keep working. Someone will learn to love and appreciate you for who you are. If it’s not there yet. Look back on how others saw you and treated you, it may not be your time yet but will be when you least expect it. Continue to work on yourself and building your character.

School weighed you far down, and took a lot of time and patience. You became ultimately frustrated with yourself and took some time off to recoup and do healing work. Depression reared its ugly head and continuously created a dark hole that you felt you’d never escape. The best thing that you have been able to do overall is learn that good things take time. As you slowly came out of being depressed you realized your full potential. Nothing is impossible and nothing can stop YOU from achieving success.

I think it’s amazing how you’ve been able to find yourself in situations and don’t let them get the best of you anymore. People will work overtime to get others to try and accept them for who they are, you are above that. It took time to get to that place but where are you now? How far have you come without reacting….

That brings us to negative reactions and how you think. It’s always good to pick others brains about themselves but what about you? Have you been able to pick your own brain and stop thinking so negatively? This can be your biggest flaw, which might follow you for years to come, continue to work through this.

It may seem awkward writing a letter to yourself, but understand that this is to be used as a reference. To look back on who you are, and to realize who you are becoming. Whether you take another downward spirals, always look at the positive parts of your life and where you are headed, I know you will never back down from success.

So remember to be prepared: mentally, physically and emotionally for ANYTHING in life.

Always in self love,


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