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New Date Night Ideas: Quarantine Edition

Have you and your significant other played every board game in the world? Are you tired of doing the same routine everyday and would appreciate some much needed romance? Due to the ongoing pandemic, many places have closed so your options for date nights may be limited. However, there are a couple of activities you both could do while social distancing from others. Keep reading for safe and cute date night ideas!

1. Picnic at the Park

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While some restaurants are open for indoor and outdoor dining, this is still unsafe for a number of reasons. When you take your mask off to eat around strangers, you don’t know whether they have obeyed social distancing guidelines to the extent that you have or not. You are also putting employees who may not have a choice to be there because they need money to survive, at risk. The best option is to stick to takeout or delivery. You and your significant other can pick up food from your favorite restaurant, grab a blanket, and enjoy your meal at the park away from others.

2. Drive-In Movie

[bf_image id="qfwz9g-9cn0q0-24trye"] These are very few theatres like this but thankfully, we have the West Wind Capitol Drive-In located in San Jose, CA. Tickets are only $8.50 per adult which is much cheaper than regular movie theatres and you have the option of staying for the second movie as well! On the way, you both can stop by Lucky’s to pick up some snacks for the most perfect night. Some movies I’ve seen here are Joker, Jumanji: The Next Level, and The Purge. Social distancing between cars is strictly enforced and because of COVID-19, some cars may not enter to limit the number of viewers per showing so plan accordingly!

3. The Penny Date

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The Penny Date is mysterious, adventurous, and perfect for quarantine! How to play: You or your significant other picks a number between 1-20 before setting out to drive. That’s how many times you flip the penny before stopping. Every time you reach a stop sign or stoplight, you flip the penny. If it lands on heads, you turn right. If it lands on tails, you turn left. After you’ve flipped your penny x amount of times, you can both exit your vehicle to make a date out of your location. To be safe, please wear your masks when you’re outside and use hand sanitizer when you’re back inside.

Please remember that it’s important for everyone to do their part to stay inside unless it is essential. Now that summer has arrived and we have been in quarantine for almost six months now, more couples may be tempted to break social distancing to have “fun.” However, there are other ways to have safe, yet romantic dates together...you just have to be creative!


Hi, I’m Christine Tran and I am an incoming freshman who will be majoring in English, Prep for Education. I am passionate about writing, previously having written two plays and several poems. My hobbies include binge-watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends and family, and selling my clothes on Instagram at @christinesbtq. My personal account is @wowchristine !
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