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Natural Remedies Used for the Common Cold

This time of year is cold and flu season so make sure you’re ready for it! Many people work hard to reduce risk of exposure but it can be challenging to completely avoid the risks. Even by taking precautions such as wearing face masks, getting enough rest, and washing your hands you can still become the victim of communicable pathogens.

Once sick the only option is to try and get rest and treat the symptoms to try and improve your comfort levels. Natural remedies can help out with reducing symptoms of common cough and cold and are often far more cost effective than over the counter medications. The common cold will typically last one to two weeks so treating the symptoms is an important aspect of self-care.

In this article we want to share some options for treating some common symptoms of a cold.


1. Stay hydrated: Water plays a key role for staying hydrated during the common cold. Other options are to use sports drinks with added electrolytes to facilitate hydration.

**It is recommended to avoid having caffeinated drinks and alcohol while you are sick as this can stress the body and increase the recovery times

2. Salt water gargle: This is very useful for treating a sore throat. Put a half cup of warm water in a glass and add a tablespoon salt to the water. Mix it all together and start to gargle about 10-15 seconds twice.

3. Saline nasal spray: This can be bought over-the-counter and can be used to rinse out your sinus cavity and clear the airways.  This is also great when you have a sinus infection it helps open and drain your sinus cavity.

4. Consume warm liquids: Having hot tea (caffeine-free), warm soups, warm water or juices can help with hydration as well as reducing chest congestion and in general provide you with some comfort.

5. Use a humidifier: This can add moisture in the room and can help with breathing. Changing the water every four hours can help with keeping the room fresh. There are also some humidifiers that you can add menthol based liquid to give cough relief, sinus congestion, and make breathing more comfortable.

No one enjoys getting sick and we all try to avoid it but in those situations where you come down with a cold, the above home remedies can be used to provide comfort and relief while you are recovering.

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