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A Must-Watch Asian Drama List to Cure Quarantine Boredom

This past summer, I have been binge-watching Korean, Chinese, and even Thai dramas. This is my personal method of self-care, as I am usually a busy person during the semester. Wondering how to find a drama you want to watch? Don’t know which drama you should watch because there are so many out there? Check out my compilation of must-watch Asian dramas! Most of the ones that I listed are in the romance category, so if you enjoy romance dramas, give these shows a watch. Don’t worry, English subtitles are provided if you don’t understand what the cast is saying. I also highly recommend using My Drama List to explore the different genres that the Asian community has to offer.

Here are some of my favorites that you NEED to add to your watch list! The shows are organized by language. Click on any of the links to find more information about each show, trailers and reviews!

Korean Dramas:

Chinese Dramas:

Thai Dramas:

I could go on and on about the list of dramas you should add to your list. To find out my other favorite dramas, check out the continued list that I made! If you decide to check out one of these shows, snap a pic and tag us @HerCampusSJSU! Happy watching!

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