Must Try Makeup Collabs featuring RuPaul's Drag Race Alumni

RuPaul’s Drag Race gave a platform for queens everywhere to showcase their sickening styles of drag to the world. Many of the queens that performed on this show went on to start careers of their own, even if they didn’t snatch the crown.

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade. Just alumni brands for your next escapade.

Kim Chi Chic

Kim Chi was a season eight alumna known for her ability to bring the anime style fantasy alive, and the dancing challenges she stumbled through. Kim Chi brought that same cartoon vibe to her cosmetics brand, Kim Chi Chic. This brand has everything from “Glam Tears” (a liquid highlighter) to basic eyeshadow palettes. The collection highlights the signature cartoon-y vibe she incorporates into her style of drag! The packaging for the new eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Ketnipz’s cartoon animation is adorable as well.

While I think that some of the products are a little unnecessary (like the fake freckles and setting spray), the one thing that I cannot live without is the Diamond Sharts, a liquid glitter eyeshadow. The shadow, when applied, looks fresh and gorgeous.

Miss Fame Beauty

Miss Fame was also brought to the light of drag in season seven. She’s drop-dead gorgeous and completely intimidating. Miss Fame Beauty shiny glitter like no other.

Miss Fame’s lip glitter is a must-try for sure. It layers on wonderfully, performs great and looks bright and shiny. If you’re looking to brighten anything up with some shiny, 3D face glitter, this is the go-to. It’s an interesting element that can take your makeup to the next level.

Trixie Cosmetics

Trixie Mattel is just like a Barbie right out of the box from Mattel. Trixie was also on season seven and then was invited back for Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars on season three. She’s the perfect example of a successful career built from being on Rupaul’s Drag Race. She’s known for the Trixie and Katya Show and UNHhhh on YouTube. But personally, I find her laugh to be the most memorable thing about her.

Trixie launched Trixie Cosmetics to create makeup for drag queens and normals alike to come together and feel like legends. One thing that’s amazing about this brand (other than the amazing lipstick) is the speedy shipping and decorative toy packaging. I ordered a lipstick and it shipped that same day! The packaging is designed to emulate opening a toy in the 90s.

My favorite is definitely the Cream Puff lip gloss. It’s a peachy color that just adds a little “UNHhhh” to your look. It’s not sticky and super annoying to apply, either. I don’t know what she did, but she cracked the code for the perfect gloss. It’s the perfect shade with a great color payoff and doesn’t leave my lips feeling slimy or gross.

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