Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is basically already here and now we are all in the state of panic trying to decide what is the perfect gift for a woman who deserves the world? Of course, you could never go wrong with some beautiful flowers but why not go beyond that and try to think outside of the box and make your gift more meaningful. Try to think back to when you were in elementary school, those little art projects you would make are probably kept in a box or somewhere around the house and those are probably the gifts she loved the most. Why? Because you made it, you put the effort and made it with extra love making it for your mom. As college students, we are always on a budget, so why not save some money and get crafty this Mother’s day and make your mom feel special.

One way you can save some money this Mother’s Day is keeping it simple. What you can do is search through your house and phone and find pictures of you and your mom from the time you were an infant till now. You can go to Marshall’s, Walmart and TjMaxx and look for a huge picture frame, which could be about $10, where you can fit a collage of pictures. Once you have your frame start arranging your pictures how you want them. Also, you can type a sweet message for your mom and say how much you love and appreciate her and place it in the middle of your college. This is something you could also do with your siblings. What mom doesn’t love a crafty gift with a touching message.

Another thing you could do is create a job of favors. Yes, it is a sacrifice but your mom will definitely appreciate it. How to create this gift is simply purchasing a jar at Michaels and cutting strips of paper. On each strip of paper write down a favor you would do for your mom like cleaning the kitchen, taking out the trash, cook for dinner. She will really appreciate the help.

Mother’s Day is ultimately not about the gifts. Of course, we all want to get our moms everything they want whether it be jewelry or shoes but it is never about the materialistic things. As long as you are with your mom and reminding her how much you appreciate her and love her, that is all she wants and cares about.