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Meet Caroline Gutierrez SJSU Journalism department

1. Why did you choose San Jose State?

I chose SJSU because it was close to my house

2. Major: Journalism

3. Current Job: Sales and Marketing Support

4. What challenges did you experience upon graduating?

I wanted to finish school on time so I studied hard to complete all my courses with good grades.

5. Favorite travel destination?

I love going to New York, Maui, and Playa del Carmen. New York because there is so much history, culture, amazing spots to discover and because it’s just amazing. I love Maui and Playa del Carmen because I love being in paradise; those two destinations have warm beautiful water and sandy beaches.

6. Favorite city and why?

I love Manhattan. I was fortunate enough to visit Ground Zero, go sightseeing and visit the statue of liberty, the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Station, the Rockefeller Center, Time Square, and so much more. There is a lot of delicious food, great bars, and amazing nightlife. I feel I can go to New York multiple times and never do the same thing again while I’m there because there is just so much to do and discover.

7. Three words that describe yourself?

Sweet, understanding, patient

8. What advice can you give to students graduating San Jose State?

I would tell them to do many internships so they can discover what they really love and are passionate about.

9. The most memorable moment at San Jose State and why?

My graduation. I was so happy to finally graduate and close that chapter in my life. I wanted to take the skills I learned at school and apply them in the workforce.

10. Favorite music: Hip Hop

11. A favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones

12. Something that most people don’t know about you?

I can’t swim but that doesn’t stop me from snorkeling, going boating, going body surfing and enjoying a day at the pool.

13. Proudest accomplishment?

I have a few proud accomplishments. The first one is graduating from college. I would also say landing a great job at a startup and working in both sales and marketing. Lastly, I would say being able to travel to the places I love.

14. What’s your favorite hobby?

Working out

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