Makeup Product Reviews: Must Try Products

1.    Cloud Paint $18 - Glossier

     •    Natural gel cream blush; vibrant pop of color

     •    Can be worn with or without foundation 

Personal Review: As someone who typically sticks to powders, I was hesitant to try this product, but I had decided to give it a go. I’m happy to admit I will never go back to powders! If you are someone who likes natural looking makeup, then this is the product for you. I have been wearing the cloud paint for about three months now, on my bare skin and it provides me with the perfect amount of natural color. When applying the paint you only need a dab of it on your finger tip to get the color you desire. 

2.    Boy Brow $16 - Glossier

     •    “Fluffy, instantly groomed brows.”

Personal Review: While most other brow products slowly deactivate throughout the day, you will not find that to be an issue with the Boy Brow. Not only does this product smoothly groom your brows, but also leaves no extra residue. My brows stayed full and clean throughout the day, which makes this product well worth the price

3.    Hydro Grip Primer $30 - Milk 

     •    Allure best of beauty award winner

     •    “Hemp-derived cannabis seed extract hydrates to plump and smooth for blissed-out skin.”

Personal Review: This refreshing and hydrating primer may be one of the best I have ever tried! While most hydrating primer’s tend to make your skin quite oily, this product stays true to its purpose. Not only is the product very refreshing, but my makeup applies more flawlessly and holds throughout the day. 

4.    Kush Lip Glaze $18 - Milk

     •    “High shine lip mask”

     •    hydration overnight so you wake up with smoother lips.

     •    Green tint blends to clear

Personal Review: I was never one to truly enjoy wearing chap stick or gloss because it was always too sticky and made the skin surrounding my lips break out, but after my recent purchase of the Milk Hemp Gloss, my lips have never felt more loved. The product itself is pleasing to the eye and its metal tip which is cool to the touch makes the gloss apply smoothly to your lips. The glaze’s purpose is to hydrate, cool, and repair you lips throughout the day and it does just that.