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Luxury Shopping Etiquette

Chanel Shopping Bag. Image via @ninaamarias

Shopping is a whole experience in itself, especially if you are shopping in a luxury store. As an experienced luxury shopper and sales specialist, I will be sharing my tips and tricks to get the best service when you are shopping.

When you first walk into a luxury store, you are often greeted by a concierge who will introduce you to a client advisor. The client advisor would assist you when they sense that you need assistance. 

If an advisor is already pulling sizes of a shoe you want to try on, it can be problematic if you were to ask another advisor to bring down a handbag for you to take a look at. Most sales associates in luxury stores are being paid on commission and conflict can arise when there are two advisors assisting one customer. 

Before purchasing a product, make sure to ask for the return or exchange policy. It is important to note that each luxury store has a different time period eligible for processing a return and some stores only allow exchanges for another item or for store credit.

Louis Vuitton Sign. Image via @sophiapathak

If you feel that it is not the right time to make a purchase, let the person assisting you know that you need time to think about it. Asking for their business card is a polite way to end the interaction and the client advisor will be more than happy to assist you again in the future. 

If you do decide to shop with a client advisor you have previously worked with before, it is also an option to text or call them to set up an appointment, so you do not need to wait in line as a walk-in customer. 

Clients that set up appointments may also be given a more luxurious service that includes champagne or a styling session in a private room. 

It is important to not feel pressured to purchase something with the advisor you are working with. Unfortunately, profiling is something that can be common in luxury stores. 

If you feel that a client advisor is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can always thank them for their time and come back another day or go to another store.

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Hi I'm Bethany! I'm a senior studying Business Management at San Jose State University. I love fashion and luxury and you can see more of me on Instagram or TikTok @bethanyhui